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    Im sorry I dont even know your name, but I am very new to the boards, and have 'lurked' a lot and only posted a few times but curiousity has gotten the best of me and I must ask you about your avatar?

    Is that you singing with Josh? WOW if yes? Is there any sound anywhere? Whats the story?

    Sorry if everyone knows this already.....Im just a newbie around here, still finding my feet!!

    Have a good night/day

    take care and sorry for the underline??? dont know what happened, cant get it off!!
    All the best
    Karen (teacup)


    Reply from GrobaniteDivanatic:

    Hi Teacup!

    No worries. You're not the first one to ask me about my avatar. image

    I wish the girl in my avatar was me, but no. The girl is the young Filipina singer, Charice. It's a video clip of her singing backstage with Josh before the "David And Friends" concert last May 2008.

    Josh is one of her favorite singers and her crush. LOLZ! So Oprah sort of granted her wish.

    The source of the clip is an Oprah episode...this one:

    Hope that helps :)
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    Gracias for commenting on the "Celine Dion" thread. Nice meeting you.
    See you arround
    Oscar a.k.a grobandion
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    Hi Divantic,

    I left a message for you re: The special edition of Closer on the Xmas gifts thread. I hope it helps. Thanks for the reply and Happy New Year!


    Reply from GrobaniteDivanatic:

    Thanks so much!! Really appreciate your help. :)